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Pleasure of Wearing Zentai Lycra

Zentai Lycra Catsuits are worn by a lot of young women for pleasure and fun. These are body tight suits that stick around your body to reveal the exact shape of your body. These catsuits are normally made from Lycra material that shows your figure and gives erotic pleasure to explore their wild beauty and sexy attractiveness. It is made up of latex rubber which is shiny and skin tight as if you have a skin covering your original skin, its so tight! Being shiny it gives your body an erotic and porn look, Catsuit is a full body outfit. You get stockings, gloves and high boots with the Catsuit.
Women who want to reveal their wild erotic imaginations wear latex clothing which is thoroughly enjoyed by their male partner. Women wear catsuits and carry a whip to gain full control on their partner who love being and dramatizing with these erotic females in their revealing Catsuits. Catsuits are nothing but a fantasy item to turn-on their male and arouse them by wearing these skinny and shiny latex catsuits.
Men often want to fulfill their fantasies and provocations and the women with catsuits and whip have a complete control on their partner, this is what satisfies male fantasies and they would love to share their fantasies with their sexy partners. Well catsuits are not to be worn everyday during your daily chores as they are quite exposing, body hugging and sticky. But anyways catsuits are gaining popularity mostly in the west where it suits the blondes and the sexy figures of the Africans too. Women who really want to satisfy their men by fulfilling their erotic fantasies wear these sticky catsuits to give them immense pleasure and to arouse them to reach the climax.
Now we discuss about the other things, like washing and storing instructions in order to maintain your Red Zentai Suits. You need to take proper care while washing your Zentai Lycra Catsuit, you need to wash it with your hands and with cold water, as it is made of Latex, you can’t use harmful detergents and washing machine to wash your Zentai Bodysutis. The Online stores maintain a huge stock to meet the demands placed by any customer, there are usually more than 100 products with more than 500 items to fulfill your needs. The online stores offer you the size that fits you, you just need to e-mail them your height and weight and you get a perfect Zentai Lycra Catsuit for you. Get one and arouse your partner by wearing skinny Zentai Lycra Catsuit and have erotic pleasure.

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Lycra Spandex Black Dots Fashion Shirt

This Black Zentai Suitsincludes top in black dot pattern and red shiny metallic trousers. The top is adopted with lycra material. A back two-way zipper from neck to the waist is convenient to wear. Custom-making service available from size requirement to open crotch etc.ThisBlue Zentai Suitsblack dots fashion shirt features black and yellows colors. The special design with black dots shirt and leopard trousers pattern will make a special look.
Followings are its features:
High quality spandex and lycra material adopted, purple color, comfortable wearing.
A back two-way zip is added from neck to waist.
Good elasticity, excellent ventilation.
Do not use washing solution, bleach for washing or do not knead while washing.
Wearer's weight should be less than 150kg.
It'll have a deviation about 3-5cm, which is up to the different elasticity of fabric.

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Why Do We Love Lycra or Spandex?

Why do we love Lycra, or Spandex? Because we look sexy and feel comfortable in it at the same time. Because of the elasticity of the material Lycra fits your body like a glove, which makes a lot of people love it. When wearing it, it feels like they are not wearing any clothes at all. Some paople describes the reason why they like lycra like this.Red Zentai Suitgives them the freedom of movement that feels so good. This is the reason why most athletes love Lycra, it makes their competitions and work-outs much easier than wearing regular, constrictive clothing.
Olympic athletes really love Lycra because the material resists airflow to the body and it has helped them win Olympic medals time after time. If you have ever watched the Olympics you will see that almost all the competitors love Lycra which include; speed skaters, wrestlers, swimmers, and just about every event you watch.
Besides, the material lets our skin breath and will help keep us cool. The same goes for the winter as well. Lycra helps keep our bodies warmer, by keeping the cold air flow from touching our skin. Lycra is excellent both is summer and winter.
Because of the before mentioned reasons of ease of movement, ballet and other kinds of dancers also like Lycra , but also because Lycra can be made into vivid colors and creative styles as well, making their performances very classy.
We loveZentai Catsuit because it makes us look better too.Some people adore Lycra simply because it's exciting to wear something that makes you feel like you have nothing on. The material makes our bodies look attractive. Put on some Lycra and you'll love it too!

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Tips to Paint Your Zentai Suits

I have got a few zentai suits in my wardrobe as a zentai lover. Although in my street it's hard to find a store for zentai, I could browse the websites for online stores and check these different zentai suits. There are already many styles for us to select from, but I still want something more special. I believe most zentai fans also want to have something unique, which is only for you.

Sometimes the Blue Zentai Suits I got is a little bit different from the pictures I see online, because of the computer screen color deviation. This is not something fatal, but it would be cool to get something just as I wish. And most of all, some camouflage I want are not available in these online stores. So my first idea for personalize my suit, is to paint one with special graphic. As I have fallen in love with a beautiful tiny flowers picture from my storage, I ordered a white shiny metallic zentai suit online. After its arrival on the following weekend, I couldn't wait and began the painting at once. I have an old paint brush, and applied a few layers of paint coats. Except the paint was not shiny at first it seems good, however, after a while the color changed as the paint was mixed with the original white color of the metallic suit. By then I realized this shiny metallic suit has a layer of paint on it already, thus it need to be kept away from water! And the first trial, failed! Then I ordered again a white zentai suits online, and worked again. The later graphics was better compared with beginnings.This time I succeeded, and tried it on. The graphic looks beautiful, while there are still disappointed points: I have used about 10 coats to get the solid graphic I wanted and there were many paint marks.

I I picked some big bold graphic and have done my third trial after a couple of month and it's much easier. However, because it's a big graphic this time, after painting finished, when I worn it, I realized some lines were not very smooth or located away from the right route, because when I am wearing it the suit is in different state from it’s original state.

Up to now, here are tips I got from my trials about painting a zentai suit:

1) Others may need special painting to do that and Gold Zentai Suit should be your first choice.
2)Pick some thing bold and easy to draw graphic, for the first trial, rather than delicate tiny ones, which are easy to mess and will cost you a lot of time.
3)Always apply multiple coats of the paint. So if there's a brush mark left, it won't make a big different as you add another painting coat.
4) You won't find the distorted or weird lines or graphic as I did if you wear your lycra suit when do the painting. However, make sure your painting is safe for your body first. You should try with a simple graphic at the beginning
5)This tip is heard from others, as I haven't tried yet. They said a sponge brushes works best to paint a zentai bodysuit, than a paintbrush, as paint brush needs about 10 coats to begin get a solid design, and also the sponge brushes also leaves minimum marks. This is from a friend who tried both paint and sponge brushes, and shows more passion for painting than I do.

If you find this helpful or interesting, order a zentai suits and begin your own painting suit now!

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The Miracle Fabric-Spandex

As one of the revolutionary materials discovered in the 20th century, spandex is a great substitute for rubber in clothing since it can take more stress and tension and then return to its original shape.The word spandex is an anagram of the word 'expands' and it is the preferred name in the United States and is known as Lycra and elastane in Europe and other parts on the world. Even though black zentai suit made from spandex are tight they are more comfortable. And also it is much lighter than natural rubber and easier to put on.
There are four different methods to produce spandex. Over 94% of the spandex fibers are produced in the world by the dry spinning method. Spandex has been in and out of fashion over the years. In the 1980's Spandex jeans were very popular. And since its discovery spandex has been the material of choice for sport garments. Here are some of the major uses of spandex.
? Socks
? Diapers
? Belts
? Leggings
? Hosiery
? Swimsuits
? Wetsuits
? Gloves
? Bra Straps
? Underwear
? Surgical hose
? Rowing Unisuits
? Furniture coverings
? Competitive Swimwear
? Volleyball and Netball Suits
? Cycling shorts? Wrestling Suits
? Specialized shape garments like Blue Zentai Suit and Motion Capture suits.
In science fiction,spandex is quite popular. Characters from comic books are all dressed in spandex costumes. Spandex is always associated with future so allcharacters in stories and comics featuring future storylines are dressed in spandex garments.
The versatility and strength of spandex fabric enables it to be used for a variety of purposes. Exercise shorts is one of the most common applications of this material. They allow the body to breath and the muscles to expand and contract during the workout and that's the reason why they are popular. Another reason is probably because it allows you observe the muscle during the workout and get egged on by the sight of it.
Keep the following things in mind when choosing spandex zentai suits. First is the usage of the garment. For example, you need to decide between the tight and loose variety if you are looking for a pair of running pants. Tight ones are great for cold days and short runs as they keep you warm while the more baggy ones are great for warmer days.
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